Hi, my name is Adam Cochran.

I'm a marketing executive, data analyst, adjunct professor, angel investor and husband. Currently I reside in Waterloo, Ontario.

I currently work for DuckDuckGo where I was the first marketing and business development hire.

Previously, I lead marketing at a Bitcoin exchange, consulted in data marketing for major brands like eBay, Blackberry and John Deere. I've also worked on speciality projects for groups like the NASDAQ, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Chase Bank and taught at or developed courses for educational institutions including Wilfrid Laurier University, McMaster University and Conestoga College.

On my blog I write about cryptocurrencies, AI, robotics, angel investing and startups. On the rare occassion there may be a historical research piece involving dragons.

If any of those topics are of interested to you, feel free to get in touch or give my blog a read.